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Lost In Bangkok - Sniff Sniff

Sale price175,000.00 IDR

An aromatic blend of lemongrass and eucalyptus with a note of pine & rose.

Get carried away with the scent of Bangkok. Wander in the concrete jungles and temples so colorful, a feast for your eyes. Treat an elephant with a snack, then treat yourself with everything your hands can carry from the maze of Chatuchak market.


- Put 3-5 reeds into the bottle to absorb the fragrance oil
- Flip the reed weekly, so the fragrance able to disperse into the air evenly
- Place it in cool & dry place at your favorite corner
- If needed, put more than one fragrance diffuser in larger room

Ijin Edar KEMENKES RI PKD 20605120767


*We want to inform that the products of perfume, room fragrance (or any kind of liquid) and makeup cannot be shipped internationally*

Lost In Bangkok - Sniff Sniff
Lost In Bangkok - Sniff Sniff Sale price175,000.00 IDR