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Living the dream!

Kitschy is the lifelong dream of Overheard Beauty and they are now officially at the beginning of that dream! Over the past four years, Overheard Beauty has been building a community of beauty enthusiasts by giving out witty, unfiltered, and personal beauty references.
Staying true to what they do best —having extraordinary fun— Kitschy is all about making beauty fun! Their products do not intimidate, they welcome. The plant-powered formulations in their product are designed to give the right treatment for your special skin.
They care not just about the perfect formulation, they also care about the experience. Feel free to enjoy the Kitschy experience!

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​Crystal Clear Gentle Daily Cleanser - Kitschy​Crystal Clear Gentle Daily Cleanser - Kitschy
​Violet Glow Youth Restart Serum - Kitschy​Violet Glow Youth Restart Serum - Kitschy
​Wonder Mask Triple Exfoliating Mask - Kitschy​Wonder Mask Triple Exfoliating Mask - Kitschy
​Blemish Hero Serum - Kitschy​Blemish Hero Serum - Kitschy
Blemish Hero Serum - Kitschy Sale price159,000.00 IDR
​Light Cloud Gel Cream Moisturizer - Kitschy​Light Cloud Gel Cream Moisturizer - Kitschy
​Power Glow Activated Serum - Kitschy​Power Glow Activated Serum - Kitschy
Power Glow Activated Serum - Kitschy Sale price159,000.00 IDR