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Earth Major

Earth Major

Earth Major is a ready-to-wear fashion brand inspired by botanicals, art & music to create bold motifs with earth tone colors and create meaningful products with selected materials to maintain sustainable fashion.
In every design and product they prioritize comfort, concept, and function, because they want people who use their products not only once and can be used in various events.

“ Dressing The Creative Soul With Care”.

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Malika Pants Caramel - Earth MajorMalika Pants Caramel - Earth Major
Malika Pants Caramel - Earth Major Sale price799,000.00 IDR
Malika Jacket Caramel - Earth MajorMalika Jacket Caramel - Earth Major
Malika Jacket Caramel - Earth Major Sale price899,000.00 IDR
Tutti Frutti Purple Outer Scarf - Earth MajorTutti Frutti Purple Outer Scarf - Earth Major