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As a result of the teamwork of scientists combined with creative minds, Tavi was born. Using the right knowledge of science, Tavi help you explore and attain your skin goals. They'd love to feed your curiosity by exploring the right science to get assurance that you have made the best decision suitable to address your skin concern. Beyond that, they're also here to kick start your self-discovery journey as it is the love of self that drives them to achieve their goals!

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​Color Play Face Tint Wallflower 9 g - Tavi
​Color Play Face Tint Sunshine Love 9 g - Tavi
​Color Play Face Tint Sunset Nectar 9 g - Tavi
​10% Niacinamide + Zinc Acne Solution Serum 30 ml - Tavi
​Urban Shield 3 in 1 Super Fine Mist 90 ml - Tavi