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Who knew at the time that an at-home project with our kids would become an international gift line?! But after friends and neighbors asked for their own custom decorated goggles, we realized that we were on to something. We were all experienced New York wholesale, merchandising and product design experts and bravely launched Bling2o in 2013. We know when we combine our passion with the trends kids love, endless possibilities exist for our products. You can’t beat making a product that makes EVERYONE smile!

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Sunlit Sherry - Bling2oSunlit Sherry - Bling2o
HGL Bambini - Sunlit Sherry - Bling2o Sale price580,000.00 IDR
​Sea Dragon Goggles - Bling2o​Sea Dragon Goggles - Bling2o
Dirtrancer Black - Bling2o
Tiger Shark Navy Goggles - Bling2oTiger Shark Navy Goggles - Bling2o
Nano Bot Navy - Bling2oNano Bot Navy - Bling2o
HGL Bambini - Nano Bot Navy - Bling2o Sale price600,000.00 IDR
Volcano Blue - Bling2oVolcano Blue - Bling2o
HGL Bambini - Volcano Blue - Bling2o Sale price670,000.00 IDR
Spectro Strawberry - Bling2oSpectro Strawberry - Bling2o
​Green Glider - Bling2o​Green Glider - Bling2o
HGL Bambini - Green Glider - Bling2o Sale price740,000.00 IDR