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The Journey Was Started In 2013, The Four Products Were Developed And Became The Products That People Need Unconsciously. The Products Bring Functionality And Also Act As A Style Item As Well. NIION Is Through The Value We Attach To Each Product: Less Material Combinations, Less Accessories Used, Reusability, And Durability. The Advantages Of Our Products Are Multi Color Collection, Foldability, Signature Unicolor, Multiple Styling.

When Life Was So Chaotic & Hectic, NIION Was Made For Easier Life, Back To Basic And Simplicity.

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Lizy Blonde Yellow - Niion
Lizy Blonde Yellow - Niion Sale price139,000.00 IDR
Lizy Opaline Green - NiionLizy Opaline Green - Niion
Lizy Opaline Green - Niion Sale price139,000.00 IDR
Joey MM Green - Niion
Joey MM Green - Niion Sale price189,000.00 IDR
Rose Project Bowie Patern Rose - Niion
Bowie Patern Rose - Niion Sale price349,000.00 IDR
Joey Patern Rose - Niion
Joey Patern Rose - Niion Sale price229,000.00 IDR
Joey Pink - Niion
Joey Pink - Niion Sale price169,000.00 IDR
Joey Red - Niion
Joey Red - Niion Sale price169,000.00 IDR
Nai Pink - NiionNai Pink - Niion
Nai Shocky Pink - Niion Sale price269,000.00 IDR
Nai Blue - NiionNai Blue - Niion
Nai Blue - Niion Sale price269,000.00 IDR
Nai Purple - NiionNai Purple - Niion
Nai Purple - Niion Sale price269,000.00 IDR
Nai Black - NiionNai Black - Niion
Nai Black - Niion Sale price269,000.00 IDR