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LAYR is a Olfactory Architect that creates scents from the study of fragrance and imaginations. Each scent that we produce is collected from life’s most pleasurable moments—ones that involves nostalgia, and are inspired from the near future.

Experience the Art of Memory, layer by layer.

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Chronic Tonic - LayrChronic Tonic - Layr
Chronic Tonic - Layr Sale price329,000.00 IDR
​Slow Dance - Layr​Slow Dance - Layr
Slow Dance - Layr Sale price289,000.00 IDR
​Midnight Haze - Layr​Midnight Haze - Layr
Midnight Haze - Layr Sale price249,000.00 IDR
​Get Naked - Layr
Get Naked - Layr Sale price249,000.00 IDR