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Prel Studio

Prel Studio is a local product brand that making scarves, artwork, and fashion accessories.

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Ciel Earring Black - Prel StudioCiel Earring Black - Prel Studio
Ciel Earring Black - Prel Studio Sale price235,000.00 IDR
Ciel Keychain Pink - Prel Studio
Ciel Keychain Pink - Prel Studio Sale price195,000.00 IDR
Ciel Necklace Red - Prel StudioCiel Necklace Red - Prel Studio
Ciel Necklace Red - Prel Studio Sale price265,000.00 IDR
Amour Chain Necklace - Prel StudioAmour Chain Necklace - Prel Studio
Amour Chain Necklace - Prel Studio Sale price245,000.00 IDR
Scarlett Chocker - Prel StudioScarlett Chocker - Prel Studio
Scarlett Chocker - Prel Studio Sale price302,000.00 IDR