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RASHAWL is a fashion company which founded on November 2013. The name RASHAWL is based on (R)enni (A)ndriani which is the owner name and SHAWL.

The fast growth of world hijab fashion industry, especially in Indonesia, make RASHAWL interest in producing a hijab fashion line up that is simple, easy to wear yet modern using high-quality fabric while still observing Islamic Sharia.

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​Oversized Queen Sweater Green - Rashawl​Oversized Queen Sweater Green - Rashawl
Oversized Queen Sweater Green - Rashawl Sale price499,000.00 IDR
​Oversized Queen Sweater Black - Rashawl​Oversized Queen Sweater Black - Rashawl
Oversized Queen Sweater Black - Rashawl Sale price499,000.00 IDR
​Denim Jacket Blue - Rashawl​Denim Jacket Blue - Rashawl
Denim Jacket Blue - Rashawl Sale price425,000.00 IDR