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Gelap Ruang Jiwa

Gelap Ruang Jiwa apt the absence of light. Darkness soothes in and entwines a murky affection with clutching dusk, whilst embracing the impenetrable solitude.

The voice echoes distinctively, it fit oneself in.

A place where fear threaded and desire bounded; the chaos abruptly snaps the psyche. Hence it’s reborn with a new form, adapted from feelings, thought, dreams which surround the psyche, making it alive.

The work of Gelap Ruang Jiwa is calming and melancholic.

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​Semi Ring Cuff Silver - Gelap Ruang Jiwa​Semi Ring Cuff Silver - Gelap Ruang Jiwa
​Gugur Ring Silver Big - Gelap Ruang Jiwa​Gugur Ring Silver Big - Gelap Ruang Jiwa
​Singgah Choker Silver - Gelap Ruang Jiwa​Singgah Choker Silver - Gelap Ruang Jiwa
​Kerikil Chocker Silver - Gelap Ruang Jiwa​Kerikil Chocker Silver - Gelap Ruang Jiwa