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Announce is an Indonesian womenswear brand that emphasizes the feminine and masculine sides of women. Announce combines hyper-feminine styling with rigid construction details for an edgy off-duty look.

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Jill Shirt - AnnounceJill Shirt - Announce
Jill Shirt - Announce Sale price299,000.00 IDR
Candy Trouser White - AnnounceCandy Trouser White - Announce
Candy Trouser White - Announce Sale price299,000.00 IDR
Bubblegum Top Light Blue - AnnounceBubblegum Top Light Blue - Announce
Bubblegum Top Light Blue - Announce Sale price349,000.00 IDR
Bubblegum Trouser Light Blue - AnnounceBubblegum Trouser Light Blue - Announce
Bubblegum Trouser Light Blue - Announce Sale price299,000.00 IDR
Sky Halter Light Blue - AnnounceSky Halter Light Blue - Announce
Sky Halter Light Blue - Announce Sale price239,000.00 IDR
Double Split Skirt - AnnounceDouble Split Skirt - Announce
Double Split Skirt - Announce Sale price349,000.00 IDR
Obi Pants - AnnounceObi Pants - Announce
Obi Pants - Announce Sale price369,000.00 IDR