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Thaja is a footwear brand from Bandung, Indonesia that was founded in 2021. Thaja creates an essential, functional, and pleasing footwear for woman. This timeless masterpieces, crafted locally in the most mindful ways by their partner artisans.
In the spirit of yesterday makes them better today by blending the design of the past with the functionality of today. And they hope to continue to be better from time to time by learning from the past and planning the best for tomorrow and running today optimally.

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Hya Bag Pink - ThajaHya Bag Pink - Thaja
Hya Bag Pink - Thaja Sale price749,000.00 IDR
Hya Bag Black - ThajaHya Bag Black - Thaja
Hya Bag Black - Thaja Sale price749,000.00 IDR