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There's a special kind of joy in giving a gift. #GiveAGift makes everyone happy.
It's not just about the item itself; it's about the thought, love, and meaning that you pour into it. Add cards, greetings, and accessorize your present to sprinkle some more memories.

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​HGL Box​HGL Box
HGL House Box Sale price15,000.00 IDR
HGL Modest Box
HGL Modest Box Sale price15,000.00 IDR
Orange ModestOrange Modest
Orange Modest Sale price5,000.00 IDR
Sold outFlower ModestFlower Modest
Flower Modest Sale price5,000.00 IDR
Orange BirthdayOrange Birthday
Orange Birthday Sale price5,000.00 IDR
Flower Birthday WishesFlower Birthday Wishes
Flower Birthday Wishes Sale price5,000.00 IDR
Green Birthday WishesGreen Birthday Wishes
Green Birthday Wishes Sale price5,000.00 IDR