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Alchemist Fragrance


Perfumes ignite our senses. Each note travels through our noses, planting seeds that bloom into fantasy. Suddenly we are being transported into a world that only we can see.

Our fondness for the fascinating art behind our sense of smell is why we came up with Alchemist; a space where the science of fragrance and your vivid imagination come together.

Each spray carries an identity and leaves a sensation that endures like a first impression. We take the simple pleasures in life and turn them into universally treasured scents that will carry you anywhere and how you want to.

Are you ready to be transcended?


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Pink Laundry (50ml) - Alchemist FragrancePink Laundry (50ml) - Alchemist Fragrance
Got My Mojo Back (50ml) - Alchemist FragranceGot My Mojo Back (50ml) - Alchemist Fragrance
Lotion - Got My Mojo Back (250ml) - Alchemist FragranceLotion - Got My Mojo Back (250ml) - Alchemist Fragrance
Lotion - Pink Laundry (250ml) - Alchemist FragranceLotion - Pink Laundry (250ml) - Alchemist Fragrance
Lotion - Powder Room - Alchemist FragranceLotion - Powder Room - Alchemist Fragrance
Galleria (50ml) - Alchemist FragranceGalleria (50ml) - Alchemist Fragrance
Galleria (50ml) - Alchemist Fragrance Sale price229,000.00 IDR
Home Garden (50ml) - Alchemist FragranceHome Garden (50ml) - Alchemist Fragrance
Powder Room (50ml) - Alchemist FragrancePowder Room (50ml) - Alchemist Fragrance