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ODIVA is a lifestyle brand focusing on comfortable denim and daily wear essentials, that has continued to aspire towards excellence in quality. A touch of creativity to any pieces of our clothes also becoming the way of storytelling our brand message to consumers.
ODIVA believe that their brand is “one and for all” to make all people look and feel confident from the clothes they wear. Throughout the years, ODIVA has expanded its distribution to online marketplaces and retailers, as well as worldwide shipping.

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Elida Jeans Blue Pants - OdivaElida Jeans Blue Pants - Odiva
Elida Jeans Blue Pants - Odiva Sale price659,000.00 IDR
Verina Flare Jeans Navy - OdivaVerina Flare Jeans Navy - Odiva
Verina Flare Jeans Navy - Odiva Sale price619,000.00 IDR
White Skort - OdivaWhite Skort - Odiva
White Skort - Odiva Sale price559,000.00 IDR
Zian Straight Jeans Navy - OdivaZian Straight Jeans Navy - Odiva
Zian Straight Jeans Navy - Odiva Sale price599,000.00 IDR
Echo Straight Jeans Blue - OdivaEcho Straight Jeans Blue - Odiva
Echo Straight Jeans Blue - Odiva Sale price659,000.00 IDR
​Straight Jeans Dark Wash - Odiva​Straight Jeans Dark Wash - Odiva
Straight Jeans Dark Wash - Odiva Sale price599,000.00 IDR