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MADER is Jakarta based brand founded in 2016 by two graphic designers, Melissa Ariviana and Guna Bermara.
The idea of brand name "M A D E R" is simply an urban customized from the word "mother". Dominated by bold design such as big buckles, handcrafted appliques and contemporary prints, M A D E R is committed and persistence to create a loud statement for footwear and fashion industry.

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Save Rp 263.700​JM Clogs Nappa White - Mader​JM Clogs Nappa White - Mader
JM Clogs Nappa White - Mader Sale priceRp 615.300 Regular priceRp 879.000
Mader Criss Cross Printed GreenMader Criss Cross Printed Green 2
Mader Criss Cross Printed PinkMader Criss Cross Printed Pink 2
Mader Triple Straps Heels Silver SideMader Triple Straps Heels Silver
Mader Round Slipper SilverMader Round Slipper Silver Side
Round Slipper Silver - Mader Sale priceRp 599.000
Mader Round Slipper Off WhiteMader Round Slipper Off White Side
Mader Round Slipper BlackMader Round Slipper Black Side
Round Slipper Black - Mader Sale priceRp 599.000