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Kajuaruna is a local women's fashion brand with a basic casual design that prioritizes details and is unique, using the best quality materials.

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​Nami Blouse Broken White - Kajuaruna​Nami Blouse Broken White - Kajuaruna
Kajuaruna Yo-Jo New Series Black Apparel​Yo-Jo New Series Black - Kajuaruna
​Tail Blouse Grey - Kajuaruna​Tail Blouse Grey - Kajuaruna
Tail Blouse Grey - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 189.000
​Kala Shirt BW - Kajuaruna​Kala Shirt BW - Kajuaruna
Kala Shirt BW - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 199.000
New Tail Blouse BW - KajuarunaNew Tail Blouse BW - Kajuaruna
New Tail Blouse BW - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 199.000
Moru Pants Navy - KajuarunaMoru Pants Navy - Kajuaruna
Moru Pants Navy - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 269.000
New Moru Shirt Stripe White Navy - KajuarunaNew Moru Shirt Stripe White Navy - Kajuaruna
Kajuaruna Sumi Shirt Short IvoryKajuaruna Sumi Shirt Short Ivory 2
Kajuaruna Yo-Jo Mesh Top Broken WhiteKajuaruna Yo-Jo Mesh Top Broken White 2
Kajuaruna Yo-Jo Mesh Top AbyssKajuaruna Yo-Jo Mesh Top Abyss 2
Kajuaruna New Blouse Broken GrayKajuaruna New Blouse Broken Gray 2
​Holey Shirt Black - Kajuaruna​Holey Shirt Black - Kajuaruna
Holey Shirt Black - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 175.300
​Kala Skirt BW - Kajuaruna​Kala Skirt BW - Kajuaruna
Kala Skirt BW - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 199.000
​Aruna Shirt White - Kajuaruna​Aruna Shirt White - Kajuaruna
Aruna Shirt White - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 149.000
​Gomu Blouse Broken White - Kajuaruna​Gomu Blouse Broken White - Kajuaruna
​Lana Blouse Ivory - Kajuaruna​Lana Blouse Ivory - Kajuaruna
Lana Blouse Ivory - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 239.000
​Tale Shorts Gray - Kajuaruna​Tale Shorts Gray - Kajuaruna
Tale Shorts Gray - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 215.000
​Tale Shorts Black - Kajuaruna​Tale Shorts Black - Kajuaruna
Tale Shorts Black - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 215.000
​Saint T-Shirt Black - Kajuaruna​Saint T-Shirt Black - Kajuaruna
Saint T-Shirt Black - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 139.000
​Luri Blouse Stripe Navy - Kajuaruna​Luri Blouse Stripe Navy - Kajuaruna
​Luri Shirt Stripe Black - Kajuaruna​Luri Shirt Stripe Black - Kajuaruna
​Gala Shirt Sand - Kajuaruna​Gala Shirt Sand - Kajuaruna
Gala Shirt Sand - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 199.000
​Yo-Jo New Series White - Kajuaruna​Yo-Jo New Series White - Kajuaruna
​Gala Shirt Black - Kajuaruna​Gala Shirt Black - Kajuaruna
Gala Shirt Black - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 199.000
​Tale Blazer Black - Kajuaruna​Tale Blazer Black - Kajuaruna
Tale Blazer Black - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 269.000
​Tale Blazer Grey - Kajuaruna​Tale Blazer Grey - Kajuaruna
Tale Blazer Grey - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 269.000
​Sakko Pants Brown - Kajuaruna​Sakko Pants Brown - Kajuaruna
Sakko Pants Brown - Kajuaruna Sale priceRp 249.000