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Dama Kara is committed to highlighting our traditional artisan-processed fabrics in odd volumes and supporting drawing therapy for special associates. They appreciate the drawings produced in this therapy to be applied to the even-volume collection, and the special associates whose drawings we lift will get royalty sales every month. They hope that pride and appreciation for autistic people will be born in families and neighborhoods. Through this small step, they hope to embrace other special people to work through Dama Kara.

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Laras Skirt - DamakaraLaras Skirt - Damakara
Laras Skirt - Damakara Sale price229,000.00 IDR
Obi Belt Suar - DamakaraObi Belt Suar - Damakara
Obi Belt Suar - Damakara Sale price99,000.00 IDR
Nirmala Outer - DamakaraNirmala Outer - Damakara
Nirmala Outer - Damakara Sale price229,000.00 IDR
​Lembayung Outer Black - DamakaraLembayung Outer - Damakara
Lembayung Outer - Damakara Sale price229,000.00 IDR
​Obi Belt Rumi Green - Damakara
Obi Belt Rumi Green - Damakara Sale price79,000.00 IDR