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237 is a symbol to show identity through a fashion statement based on the wondrous perspective which can always be shown even if it's discolored. Designed with its own distinction by the craftmanship of the tailors. 

The number 237 has a sacred connection from our perspective, thus what we interpret will continuously be cascaded into every design with prestige. Implies the excellent quality of the tailors, the strength of a distinctive design language, and the adoption of a relatable fashion lifestyle.

The beauty was confidently arranged to be discolored by 237.

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​In Concordia Collar Shirt - 237​In Concordia Collar Shirt - 237
In Concordia Collar Shirt - 237 Sale priceRp 289.000
​Dance Of Maria Long Quilted Jacket - 237​Dance Of Maria Long Quilted Jacket - 237
​Jane's Silhouette Loose Fit Pants - 237​Jane's Silhouette Loose Fit Pants - 237
​Galileo Will See Long Shirt - 237​Galileo Will See Long Shirt - 237