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Your Hands

Your Hands jewelry is based in Bandung, Indonesia, where each jewelry is handmade to order, treated like it is a piece of art. Piece by piece are made in different shape, colour and texture that will blend beautifully with our own way. Every common materials are explored to be an unity of style.

Your Hands started the label to give contribution in fashion accessories industry. It is not easy for them to struggle but they believe “the best view come after the hardest climb”
with love,
Your Hands team

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​Zena Blue Brooch - Your Hands
Zena Blue Brooch - Your Hands Sale price249,000.00 IDR
Chalondra Purple Brooch Accessories Your Hands
Chalondra Purple - Your Hands Sale price299,000.00 IDR
​Nada White Necklace - Your Hands​Nada White Necklace - Your Hands
Nada White Necklace - Your Hands Sale price509,000.00 IDR