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Sandalkakiku Project is a local Bandung brand established in 2014, which is engaged in the handmade sandal industry. Where every production is 100% the result of the creativity of the expert hands of the craftsmen, with a commitment to provide classy and quality products in a competitive and relatively affordable way, and provide comfort in serving consumers.

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Kanata Tan - Sandalkakiku
Kanata Tan - Sandalkakiku Sale price245,000.00 IDR
Kanata Silver - Sandalkakiku​Kanata Silver - Sandalkakiku
Kanata Silver - Sandalkakiku Sale price245,000.00 IDR
​Miura Tan - Sandalkakiku​Miura Tan - Sandalkakiku
Miura Tan - Sandalkakiku Sale price240,000.00 IDR
​Miura Silver - Sandalkakiku​Miura Silver - Sandalkakiku
Miura Silver - Sandalkakiku Sale price240,000.00 IDR
​Miura Black - Sandalkakiku​Miura Black - Sandalkakiku
Miura Black - Sandalkakiku Sale price240,000.00 IDR