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Jenna & Kaia

Jenna&Kaia is one of the modest fashion brands in Indonesia. Their collection is not only stylish but also versatile and easy to wear for all occasions. It’s designed with mixing and matching in mind so that their customers can create their own unique looks while still feeling comfortable and confident.

Lira Krisnalisa, the owner and visionary behind Jenna&Kaia, found inspiration in her two daughters’ names, Jenna and Kaia, which adds a personal touch to the brand. This heartfelt connection serves as a driving force for their mission to empower Indonesian urban women and enhance their self-assurance through fashion.

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Linzy Top Navy - Jenna & KaiaLinzy Top Navy - Jenna & Kaia
Linzy Top Navy - Jenna & Kaia Sale price389,000.00 IDR
Elvyra Top Pale Yellow - Jenna & KaiaElvyra Top Pale Yellow - Jenna & Kaia
Elvyra Top Pale Yellow - Jenna & Kaia Sale price689,000.00 IDR
Adenia Outer - Jenna & KaiaAdenia Outer - Jenna & Kaia
Adenia Outer - Jenna & Kaia Sale price649,000.00 IDR
Leona Outer Creme - Jenna & KaiaLeona Outer Creme - Jenna & Kaia
Leona Outer Creme - Jenna & Kaia Sale price789,000.00 IDR
Leinra Outer Pale Yellow - Jenna & KaiaLeinra Outer Pale Yellow - Jenna & Kaia
Leinra Outer Pale Yellow - Jenna & Kaia Sale price719,000.00 IDR
Lily Outer Ivory - Jenna & KaiaLily Outer Ivory - Jenna & Kaia
Lily Outer Ivory - Jenna & Kaia Sale price889,000.00 IDR
Lica Skirt Navy - Jenna & KaiaLica Skirt Navy - Jenna & Kaia
Lica Skirt Navy - Jenna & Kaia Sale price529,000.00 IDR
Levon Pants Khaki - Jenna & KaiaLevon Pants Khaki - Jenna & Kaia
Levon Pants Khaki - Jenna & Kaia Sale price489,000.00 IDR