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Based in Jakarta, 3MONGKIS is a local fashion brand that provides stylish yet relaxed wear for those who strive in fashion. 3MONGKIS believes in creating an impact without having to sacrifice comfort. Thus, 3MONGKIS always makes sure that the pieces are not only up-to-date but also comfortable. We carefully curate our collections to be at hand for those who ought to express themselves, revealing their most authentic selves.

We curate our collections with a close eye to choose the best materials, fabrics, and quality with affordable prices and lots of love from us.

We promise you satisfaction from our products and services, so feel free to contact us, and drop a comment, feedback, or suggestion.



Inspired by the modern lifestyle, 3MONGKIS is here to bring you a design that you love the most, which describes a generation of fashionable women. We offer you a style from casual to edgy or sweet style, to satisfy the needs of fashion-conscious women.

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​Victo Shirt Yellow - 3Mongkis​Victo Shirt Yellow - 3Mongkis
Victo Shirt Yellow - 3Mongkis Sale priceRp 425.000
​Nonna Broken White - 3Mongkis​Nonna Broken White - 3Mongkis
Nonna Broken White - 3Mongkis Sale priceRp 425.000
Kiko Shirt Blue - 3MongkisKiko Shirt Blue - 3Mongkis
Kiko Shirt Blue - 3Mongkis Sale priceRp 395.000
Kola Top Blue - 3MongkisKola Top Blue - 3Mongkis
Kola Top Blue - 3Mongkis Sale priceRp 495.000
​Kola Top Pink - 3Mongkis​Kola Top Pink - 3Mongkis
Kola Top Pink - 3Mongkis Sale priceRp 495.000
Anela Cardigan Green - 3mongkisAnela Cardigan Green - 3mongkis
Anela Cardigan Green - 3mongkis Sale priceRp 425.000
​Olina Top Green - 3Mongkis​Olina Top Green - 3Mongkis
Olina Top Green - 3Mongkis Sale priceRp 425.000
​Olina Top Blue - 3Mongkis​Olina Top Blue - 3Mongkis
Olina Top Blue - 3Mongkis Sale priceRp 425.000
Lulua Top Green - 3MongkisLulua Top Green - 3Mongkis
Lulua Top Green - 3Mongkis Sale priceRp 425.000
​Lulua Top Pink - 3Mongkis​Lulua Top Pink - 3Mongkis
Lulua Top Pink - 3Mongkis Sale priceRp 425.000
​Ykha's Unisex Bermuda Pants - 3Mongkis​Ykha's Unisex Bermuda Pants - 3Mongkis
​Ykha's Cut Out Pants Blue - 3Mongkis​Ykha's Cut Out Pants Blue - 3Mongkis
​Ykha's Slip Dress White - 3Mongkis​Ykha's Slip Dress White - 3Mongkis
​Ykha's Slip Dress Blue - 3Mongkis​Ykha's Slip Dress Blue - 3Mongkis