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Satchel is a women wear label based in Bandung, Indonesia. Established in 2014 by Sari Utami.
Satchel phillos is in between high end design, construct with feminime and masculine elements. Black, oversized, raw cut, and modern look dominate every collection. Present in aesthetic instinctnetible beautiful yet chaotic.

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Lucerina Sweater Black White - SatchelLucerina Sweater Black White - Satchel
Lucerina Sweater Black White - Satchel Sale price485,500.00 IDR
Peris Pants - SatchelPeris Pants - Satchel
Peris Pants - Satchel Sale price590,000.00 IDR
Luiza Short Pants - SatchelLuiza Short Pants - Satchel
Luiza Short Pants - Satchel Sale price475,750.00 IDR
Reflex Skirt Black - SatchelReflex Skirt Black - Satchel
Reflex Skirt Black - Satchel Sale price400,000.00 IDR
Reflex Skirt Silver - SatchelReflex Skirt Silver - Satchel
Reflex Skirt Silver - Satchel Sale price400,000.00 IDR
Liez Skirt - SatchelLiez Skirt - Satchel
Liez Skirt - Satchel Sale price455,000.00 IDR
Intro Black - SatchelIntro Black - Satchel
Intro Black - Satchel Sale price320,000.00 IDR
Extro Black - SatchelExtro Black - Satchel
Extro Black - Satchel Sale price320,000.00 IDR