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REISE believe the world holds countless opportunities. REISE mission is to spur discovery and adventure by producing high-quality apparel built for movement and exploration.

Your trip is what you want it to be. Not what other people think your trip should be. One size never fits all, so let REISE help you find the right itinerary for you and your style because, at the end of the day, all we're really looking for is an adventure worth telling our friends about.

You're not a size, you're a journey. REISE believe that travel is about finding yourself, not losing yourself in the crown. REISE clothes will help you raise your confidence and not only for some people but for women and men of all sizes and a style for every journey.


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​Oslo Pants Ivory - Reise​Oslo Pants Ivory - Reise
Oslo Pants Ivory - Reise Sale priceRp 218.000
​Dakota Pants Denim - Reise​Dakota Pants Denim - Reise
Dakota Pants Denim - Reise Sale priceRp 265.000
​Bondi Pants Green - Reise​Bondi Pants Green - Reise
Bondi Pants Green - Reise Sale priceRp 285.000
​Jackson Pants White - Reise
Jackson Pants White - Reise Sale priceRp 548.000
​Oslo Pants Light Cream - Reise
Oslo Pants Light Cream - Reise Sale priceRp 218.000
​Capri Pants Blue - Reise​Capri Pants Blue - Reise
Capri Pants Blue - Reise Sale priceRp 245.000
​Ros Pants Brown - Reise​Ros Pants Brown - Reise
Ros Pants Brown - Reise Sale priceRp 288.000
​Tallin Dress Black - Reise​Tallin Dress Black - Reise
Tallin Dress Black - Reise Sale priceRp 398.000
​Rick Cargo Skirt Brown - Reise​Rick Cargo Skirt Brown - Reise
Rick Cargo Skirt Brown - Reise Sale priceRp 548.000
​Patty Bustier Brown With Dark Denim - Reise​Patty Bustier Brown With Dark Denim - Reise
​Nile Sweater White Blue- Reise​Nile Sweater White Blue- Reise
Nile Sweater White Blue- Reise Sale priceRp 518.000
​Rick Cargo Skirt White - Reise​Rick Cargo Skirt White - Reise
Rick Cargo Skirt White - Reise Sale priceRp 548.000
​Reise x Kirana Number 5 Top White - Reise​Reise x Kirana Number 5 Top White - Reise
​Oakland Vest Grey - Reise​Oakland Vest Grey - Reise
Oakland Vest Grey - Reise Sale priceRp 328.000