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Oh.Irv is local brand from Bandung. Begins with drawing illustration on digital platform since 2017, now they put it on something wearable and decent enough to spread joy. The illustration that they made are inspired by their social daily basis, cause every little thing has their own meaning and they don’t want to take it for granted.

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"Checkers" Pouch/Keychain (Cat) - Oh.Irv"Checkers" Pouch/Keychain (Cat) - Oh.Irv
"Checkers" Pouch/Keychain (Cherry) - Oh.Irv"Checkers" Pouch/Keychain (Cherry) - Oh.Irv
"Hustle Dazzle" Canvas Totebag - Oh.Irv"Hustle Dazzle" Canvas Totebag - Oh.Irv
"Hustle Dazzle" Canvas Totebag - Oh.Irv Sale price319,000.00 IDR
"Clinks" Leather Bag (Cattery) - Oh.Irv"Clinks" Leather Bag (Cattery) - Oh.Irv
"Clinks" Leather Bag (Cattery) - Oh.Irv Sale price299,000.00 IDR
"Do Not Disturb" Lanyard - Oh.Irv
"Do Not Disturb" Lanyard - Oh.Irv Sale price155,000.00 IDR
"Off Duty" Lanyard - Oh.Irv
"Off Duty" Lanyard - Oh.Irv Sale price155,000.00 IDR
"Shush" Knitted Sweater - Oh.Irv"Shush" Knitted Sweater - Oh.Irv
"Shush" Knitted Sweater - Oh.Irv Sale price435,000.00 IDR