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FARA aims to support and encourage children's natural curiosity and desire to explore, helping them to grow and thrive in a fun and meaningful way. Every small step leads the wanderer to their great journey.
Encourages children and their families to embrace and appreciate the joy of exploration and discovery in everyday life, and to recognize the value of even the smallest adventures in fostering a love of the outdoors and a sense of wonder.

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HGL Bambini - Pavo Burgundy Maroon - FaraHGL Bambini - Pavo Burgundy Maroon - Fara
HGL Bambini - Pavo Midnight Black - FaraHGL Bambini - Pavo Midnight Black - Fara
HGL Bambini - Titanum Flushed Maroon - FaraHGL Bambini - Titanum Flushed Maroon - Fara
HGL Bambini - Pavo Ultramarine Navy - FaraHGL Bambini - Pavo Ultramarine Navy - Fara