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Alexalexa is a womens and menswear label creating unique and playful pieces that is characterized by quirky prints and whimsical details.

One thing that sets Alex[a]lexa apart is the way they create urban areas with a playful touch. It does this by injecting a whimsical feel to the concrete form and application, which matches the modern yet relaxed silhouette perfectly.

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Jade Pleats Pants Green - AlexalexaJade Pleats Pants Green - Alexalexa
Jade Pleats Pants Green - Alexalexa Sale price480,000.00 IDR
Soo Ji Shirt Broken White - AlexalexaSoo Ji Shirt Broken White - Alexalexa
Soo Ji Shirt Broken White - Alexalexa Sale price345,000.00 IDR
Billie Crop Shirt White - AlexalexaBillie Crop Shirt White - Alexalexa
Billie Crop Shirt White - Alexalexa Sale price245,000.00 IDR
Serena Top Lilac - AlexalexaSerena Top Lilac - Alexalexa
Serena Top Lilac - Alexalexa Sale price199,000.00 IDR
Jukyeong Jacket Beige - AlexalexaJukyeong Jacket Beige - Alexalexa
Jukyeong Jacket Beige - Alexalexa Sale price1,519,000.00 IDR
Yu rim Skirt Plaid Brown - AlexalexaYu rim Skirt Plaid Brown - Alexalexa
Yu rim Skirt Plaid Brown - Alexalexa Sale price719,000.00 IDR
Hyemi Mini Pleated Dress - AlexalexaHyemi Mini Pleated Dress - Alexalexa
Hyemi Mini Pleated Dress - Alexalexa Sale price669,000.00 IDR
​Mesh Jersey Top Blue Leopard - Alexalexa​Mesh Jersey Top Blue Leopard - Alexalexa