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Vintage House

Vintage House Indonesia

Vintage House Indonesia is a brand that offers local knitted products with premium quality. With a vision to develop local Indonesian products and craftsmen, especially knitwear, and to spread the love for local products, Vintage House transforms local knitted products into premium knitted products that are comfortable to wear, colorful and stylish, yet still at an affordable price.

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Olivia Polo Sweater - Vintage HouseOlivia Polo Sweater - Vintage House
Olivia Polo Sweater - Vintage House Sale price259,000.00 IDR
Eleanor Stripe Jacket - Vintage HouseEleanor Stripe Jacket - Vintage House
Eleanor Stripe Jacket - Vintage House Sale price229,000.00 IDR
Nova Button Vest - Vintage HouseNova Button Vest - Vintage House
Nova Button Vest - Vintage House Sale price229,000.00 IDR
Ruby Cardigan - Vintage HouseRuby Cardigan - Vintage House
Ruby Cardigan - Vintage House Sale price219,000.00 IDR
Nami Cardigan - Vintage HouseNami Cardigan - Vintage House
Nami Cardigan - Vintage House Sale price199,000.00 IDR
Rora Cardigan - Vintage HouseRora Cardigan - Vintage House
Rora Cardigan - Vintage House Sale price199,000.00 IDR
Minji Cardigan - Vintage HouseMinji Cardigan - Vintage House
Minji Cardigan - Vintage House Sale price239,000.00 IDR
​Knot Pants Beige - Vintage House​Knot Pants Beige - Vintage House
Knot Pants Beige - Vintage House Sale price289,000.00 IDR