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In 2009, KAMI was founded by Istafiana Candarini, Nadya Karina and Afina Candarini.

Urban modest wear the use of material with a pattern in the form of unique prints and embellishment design so it will not be found in other products is one of the benefits of this label. 

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​Kaila Top Nude Pink - Kami​Kaila Top Nude Pink - Kami
Kaila Top Nude Pink - Kami Sale priceRp 659.000
​Rei Outer Grey - Kami​Rei Outer Grey - Kami
Rei Outer Grey - Kami Sale priceRp 599.000
​Mono Scarf Ebony - Kami​Mono Scarf Ebony - Kami
Mono Scarf Ebony - Kami Sale priceRp 379.000
​Mono Scarf Ivory - Kami​Mono Scarf Ivory - Kami
Mono Scarf Ivory - Kami Sale priceRp 379.000
Mono Scarf Nude Kami Idea​Mono Scarf Nude - Kami
Mono Scarf Nude - Kami Sale priceRp 379.000
​Mono Scarf Oceanic - Kami​Mono Scarf Oceanic - Kami
Mono Scarf Oceanic - Kami Sale priceRp 379.000
​Mono Scarf Chilli - Kami​Mono Scarf Chilli - Kami
Mono Scarf Chilli - Kami Sale priceRp 379.000
​Alika Top Sand - Kami​Alika Top Sand - Kami
Alika Top Sand - Kami Sale priceRp 659.000
​Seira Top Onyx - Kami​Seira Top Onyx - Kami
Seira Top Onyx - Kami Sale priceRp 659.000