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Magic Believer

Once upon a time in a deep imagination, Magic Believer were born.

Magic Believer is a fashion brand based in Bandung that focused on making accessories and apparel product. For each collection, its intend to convey a particular story inspired by social issues from deep imagination.

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Ivy Bag Black - Magic BelieverIvy Bag Black - Magic Believer
Ivy Bag Black - Magic Believer Sale price595,000.00 IDR
​Daisy Strap BW (60cm) - Magic Beliver
Daisy Strap BW (60cm) - Magic Believer Sale price135,000.00 IDR
​Peony Pants Black - Magic Beliver​Peony Pants Black - Magic Beliver
Peony Pants Black - Magic Believer Sale price350,000.00 IDR