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Hameeda started its journey as a modest-wear brand in 2018. Founded by an Indonesian Influencer, Hamidah Rachmayanti together with her partner, Nafillah Melovie.

Hameeda wants to enhance the hijab experience for every woman who wishes to wear one. They uphold the essence of wearing hijab with reasons to include the requirement for modesty in women’s appearances and later be evaluated for intelligence and competency instead of looks and appeal. Combining sophistication and femininity, Hameeda keep the modern and effortlessness to their creations. They also focus on what matters: a comfortable, versatile, durable, and beautiful hijab built for everyday wear and tear.

At Hameeda, ethical manufacturing and fair-wage practices have always been at the core of our values. They are committed to creating products that have only positive impacts; not just on our customers, but also on the quality of life of the workers who created them.

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​Poplin Shirt Dried Moss - Hameeda
​Poplin Shirt Deep Mahogany - Hameeda
​Riyadh Dress Mullberry - Hameeda
​Nunha Travel Prayer Set Mustard Gold - Hameeda
​Nunha Travel Prayer Set Terracotta - Hameeda
​Nunha Travel Prayer Set Black - Hameeda
​Dua Prayer Set Navy - Hameeda
Dua Prayer Set Navy - Hameeda Sale priceRp 399.900
​Dua Prayer Set Maroon - Hameeda
Dua Prayer Set Maroon - Hameeda Sale priceRp 399.900
​Dua Prayer Set Onyx Black - Hameeda
​Naarah Inner Cream - Hameeda​Naarah Inner Cream - Hameeda
Naarah Inner Cream - Hameeda Sale priceRp 49.900
​Naarah Inner Blush - Hameeda​Naarah Inner Blush - Hameeda
Naarah Inner Blush - Hameeda Sale priceRp 49.900
​Naarah Inner Black - Hameeda​Naarah Inner Black - Hameeda
Naarah Inner Black - Hameeda Sale priceRp 49.900