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CEIN goods

CEIN is a brand that creates authentic vegan bags by bringing traditional handicrafts into modern-day essentials. CEIN use high-quality raw and natural materials. Furthermore, the bags are processed using traditional techniques by the local artisans.

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Arum Totebag Black (L) - Cein GoodsArum Totebag Black (L) - Cein Goods
Arum Totebag Black (L) - Cein Goods Sale price860,000.00 IDR
Keju Bag Black (M) - Cein GoodsKeju Bag Black (M) - Cein Goods
Keju Bag Black (M) - Cein Goods Sale price560,000.00 IDR
Shorea Bag Brown (M) - Cein GoodsShorea Bag Brown (M) - Cein Goods
Shorea Bag Brown (M) - Cein Goods Sale price530,000.00 IDR
Shorea Bag Black - Cein GoodsShorea Bag Black - Cein Goods
Shorea Bag Black (M) - Cein Goods Sale price530,000.00 IDR