Introduce BAMBINI kids section by Happy Go Lucky

The way we see the world in our childhood were completely different with the kids nowadays. Comparing to our era, we see things directly, not digitally, and had an experience to touch things with our sensors, not only a flat stiff glass called "screen" of our gadget. We miss seeing kids laying on the grass, and seeing their little feet covered by the mud.

Well, the good news is, those memories are now back to happen again with Bambini by HGL House. We're not merely provide a clothes for kids but also the new-old culture that probably our kids not familiar with. Playing outside, feel the sun rays touch their skins, and making another beautiful days to be cherish on, in the future as they get older.

Bambini will let your kids to have their own space, to express how they feel, how they want to be treated, how they want to have fun. 

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