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Have you ever thought to change your personal style? Not completely, but more like exploring new things, new stuff that you haven’t worn in your entire life. Make over is one of the things that every woman needs to do, simply because we deserve more. Speaking about more, sometimes it leads us to complexity—the word that we don’t really like, do we?


The exact same things came from PINX, one of the clothing lines from Bandung who always heard from their customer that the collection they have can’t be worn in daily activity because it looks way too complex. That is why they held Styling Make Over Challenge to answer those doubts. By inviting some people from any profession, the event was so great. At first, before they came into our house, the were snapped by the photographer to show their “before” look. Then afterwards they listened the explanation from the designers (Rima & Attina) about the whole concept of PINX. Soon after that they were given 30 minutes to mix and match the look then they were asked to  explain the concept of their look.


Turns out, they nailed it. They were judged by the designers and also the #HGLBabes. We also picked some winners. And we had so much fun. We were also amazed by their creativity to mix and match PINX products and make it fine as your daily wear. Dear PINX, we need to do this more. And we were so happy to have you in our house. We’ll see you very soon.


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