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Article: S.RW Private Viewing at Happy Go Lucky

S.RW Private Viewing at Happy Go Lucky


Everyone loves bags, especially women like us. Wait, are you fine if we call you “women” instead of “girls”? If you are fine with that, shake your head and lets get down to our business. For us personally, bag is the most essential things that we should have. No matter what occasion we are in, no matter what we do. Students, enterpreuner, business woman or 9-5-job you are doing right now. We hope you feel the same way too, cause once again this article is going to talk about bag.


Have you ever heard One of the most phenomenal bag line in Bandung, West Java. We think all women need at least one of their masterpieces for their lives. Seriously, if you haven’t gotten any, please get one for yourself. Why? Because it’s different, as you wear it the whole world seems will see you. We are not kidding. It did happen to us. Also, its material is so good, the unique shapes they have in every piece always becomes our favorite. Especially “the talking stripe” (yes we called it that name), their iconic stripe is also the collection that is to die for. We can say, it’s a breakthrough that we haven’t seen before.


Luckily, couple months ago, the designer of, Syagini had an idea to make a fashion presentation in our house. And we were so happy to hear that news. Even we also helped her to bring the concept she told to reality. So, we started off by publishing it first to our people, we meant to you. The event was held for the whole two days, December 8th-10th 2017. The first day was intended to invitation only, but then it was open for public. We were so overwhelmed by the responds that you girls gave to us, many of you came by to witness in flesh and blood the newest collection of So, we’d like to say thank you for that.


Thank you for all of who came by, and if you have any comment, leave your thought below. We’d like to hear it from you. Love always from us.

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