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Article: HGL Hook Up "Brand Session"

HGL Hook Up "Brand Session"

An Intimate Day Cause it’s #Been10Years

#Been10Years is not only a hashtag that we used to celebrate our 10 years anniversary. More than that, there is a struggle, drama, and much love that we’ve had until we finally share it to you. If we may hop to the last ten years back, we couldn’t believe that we are already this big. Not only from the space we have right now, but also the way we think, the way we work with our partners. We couldn’t be more grateful for this.

To celebrate our 10 years anniversary, we invited all the brand owners that treat HGL House as their house too. We talked about so many things, discussing about the best system we can offer until had a talk show with Syagini (SRW) and Gerha (They Talk About). We talked about how glad we are to always provide the brands to have an offline activation in our place. Because at the end we always want to synchronize the campaign that the brands have In online with the offline, simply to give a real experience to the customers.

 It’s been 10 years, since we started everything, it’s been 10 years we are in touch, lets make another 10 years to have fun. Thank you for those who are reading this, we love you so much.

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