“Since the day of the humble hose, knitwear has expanded into a revolutionary industry that is classified within the high fashion category.”

Bringing back the old-fashioned knitwear, people tend to make it sophisticated again. The mid 80s brought a new fashion led market. The styling thus become oversized often with large colorful imagery. Based on literature research, and strengthened HGL Babes’ personal experience, we can say that knitwear is a trend, it’s sold like hot cakes.


 Knitwear has demonstrated throughout the ages, yet it can swiftly adapt to change in demand throughout the decade. Patterned-knitwear become a thing in the end of 2021 until the beginning of 2022. Flower, animal, and many other patterns implemented well on knitwear. Bright color is a key also, since people make it extra and experimental. Just simply pair it with basic vintage trousers or ruched skirts, and you got it elevated!



“It would be a very difficult to find individuals anywhere who are not wearing at leastone knitted article”, Brackenburry once acknowledged. And it is proven, isn’t it? Almost all of our #BestBabes have that knitwear. It is actually, knitwear everywhere!