Let's Celebrate Love Everyday

February has been great, we love it because it’s a month full of love. Some of us take it very seriously and immerse to it while the others feel there’s noting special with February because it’s just like an ordinary days, when we celebrate love everyday.

It’s not wrong, all opinions are valid. But this point makes us wondering, what we actually talk about when we talk about love? How we define it? How far we understand what love is and to whome we should share it. We gathered our closest friends and family members, to talk about love. It’s so sweet to hear from them, many perspectives that we got eventually.

Until we finally realized,that love is love is love is love is love. Endless compassion, eternal happiness. How do you define love doesn’t matter, what matters is how you share it to the loved ones. From our family to yours, happy Valentine’s day everyday.