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SOE Jakarta

SOE Jakarta’s designs explore the potential of Indonesian traditional handwoven textiles infusing them with modern, urban aesthetics. Most pieces in SOE Jakarta's collections use textiles developed after intensive discussions with weavers from different parts of the archipelago who create beautiful fabrics on traditional handlooms.

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Save 50%​Blake Jacket Brown - Soe Jakarta​Blake Jacket Brown - Soe Jakarta
Blake Jacket Brown - Soe Jakarta Sale price725,000.00 IDR Regular price1,450,000.00 IDR
Save 50%Soe Jakarta Alia Pants Broken WhiteSoe Jakarta Alia Pants Broken White 2
Alia Pants Broken White - Soe Jakarta Sale price800,000.00 IDR Regular price1,600,000.00 IDR
Save 60%Soe Jakarta Kano Skirt Broken WhiteSoe Jakarta Kano Skirt Broken White 2
Kano Skirt Broken White - Soe Jakarta Sale price548,800.00 IDR Regular price1,372,000.00 IDR