Todays Outfit

A dictionary will tell you that neutral has no positive characters or features. We wish to challenge that! Used together or for contrast, neutrals are essential to your wardrobe. Beige is a color that compliments so many, and it is a neutral tone that can match dress of all colors. This perfect assortment of beige, or nude, or cream is stylish, comfortable, and makes a great look for the day.

Suiting up with pastel colors is now perfect compromise between power and feminity, strength and incredible grace. You really don't need much of anything else when you have the beauty of the pastel shades working full duty for you. From sweet sorbets to heavenly macaroons, soft fairy floss pinks, delectable pastel hues, they are here to sweeten up your day.

Edna in Beige Bag by @cottonink, 429k

Sisca Cream by @13thshoes, 325k

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