Sleepro Aroma Therapy - GoodVibes

Rp 119.000

 A perfect blend of -stainless on fabric- aromatic roll/spray for deep sleep.

Picture this: You're constantly dealing with many daytime stress and finding a hard time shutting down your mind at night. Or you need a quick power nap to recharge and be able to be productive again but your mind won't let you do that so you need help to knock you off in the best way.

Reports of insomnia, characterized by delayed sleep onset and night waking, have increased due to digitalization and the increase in screen time. With a blend of Lavender, Geranium, and Rosemary, we created a calming effective scent that can help you regain your sleep time and let your mind be productive again.

To spray or to roll on, your choice. Roll on a spot where it's closer to your nostrils such as a pillowcase or bedsheet and make sure t you're breathing and inhaling the scent of its calming and soothing formula that put your mind in a calmer state slowly, but surely.


Why Water Based: as Sleepro Aromatherapy is benefit the limbic system for relaxation thru inhalation intake, thus we formulate the aromatherapy within the water-based to boost the volatility of aromatherapy without drying it out too fast as alcohol does

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