La Lune Brillante

Roses Linen Spray - La Lune Brillante

Rp 152.100 Rp 169.000

ROSES ( Bulgarian roses & peony )

Eliminates unpleasant smell and gives a fresh and soft aroma for you apparel. Intended for fabric around us. Let the scent soak in for a few seconds and last all day. A truly delicate intensity. Easy to carry. Spray when the unpleasant smell starts to stick to your fabric.

Contains food grade alcohol, it is highly flammable. Keep the linen spray away from ignition sources.
This product should not be swallowed.
Keep this product away from your eyes directly.
In case of direct contact with eyes, rinse and seek medical advice.
Keep away from direct contact with skin.
keep out of reach from children.pparel and home textile.

Home textiles include a wide range of products including: bedding and curtains, sleeping bags, home furnishing fabrics, bedspreads, blankets, pillows and pillow covers, cushion and cushion covers, carpets and rugs, wall hangings, towels, table cloths and mats, kitchen linen and kitchen accessories, bathroom accessories.

Shake the bottle before use & do not inhale immediately when sprayed, wait a few seconds until the aroma wafts by itself.

Be aware if you used it as a room spray, although it is effective for scenting the room, it will leave an oil stain on the surface.

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