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Lotion - Powder Room (250ml) - Alchemist Fragrance

Sale priceRp 179.000

Crafted with Alchemist Fragrance’s signature commitment to quality and elegance, the Alchemist Body Lotion is more than just skincare; it's a sensorial journey. Infused with the alluring notes that carry our signature EDP, this lotion transforms daily skincare into a moment of indulgence, leaving a subtle, long-lasting scent that will turn heads and leave an enchanting trail.

With MAIN Ingredients :
Ceramide    : Prevents moisture loss
Shea Butter : Hydrating
Sweet Almond and Argan Oil : Reduce Inflammation and hyperpigmentation
Niacinamide : Brightens and retains moisture
Vitamin E    : Brightening
UV Protection

Sejalan dengan komitmen Alchemist Fragrance untuk selalu berinovasi dengan elegan dan kualitas, Alchemist Body Lotion diracik tidak hanya untuk menjadi sekadar skincare, tapi juga pengalaman sensori (sensorial journey). Lotion ini turut hadir dengan aroma khas koleksi EDP Alchemist; aroma yang memukau, khas dengan kesan mendalam sesuai dengan aromanya yang tahan lama.

Lotion - Powder Room - Alchemist Fragrance
Lotion - Powder Room (250ml) - Alchemist Fragrance Sale priceRp 179.000