Hollow Sandal Khaki - MTW

Rp 577.150 Rp 679.000


Their first collection is influenced by a much  simpler time in the 14th-century when in  Indonesia footwear is famously known as  “Teklek”. Teklek is a Javanese word meaning  “Wooden Sandal” or in other words a “Bakiak”.  Although ‘Teklek’ could be called differently  

depending on which city in Indonesia it is in, it’s  generally a sandal that has a thick and heavy  sole made from wood and completed with an  upper that is usually made from leather, rubber,  or used tire to protect the upper of the foot.  

The silhouette of design, the bulky platforms that resemble a heavy wooden sole, the square shaped sole, and a variety of upper designs with combinations of synthetic suede and leather material is an interpretation of a modern-day ‘Teklek’.

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