Good Fix Aroma Therapy Droplets - GoodVibes

Rp 179.000

Being a high performer is sometimes daunting. You're in the middle of the week where you're demanded to deliver so many things and these demands left you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. This mental turbulence affect your body, and the symptoms of stress start to appear. You wish for quick assistance to help relieve this feeling and continue your rest of the day smoother and more at ease.

We understand that anxiety due to an overload of tasks can happen inevitably, and sometimes we're having a hard time controlling and calming our own minds down while that happens. Leave this to GoodFix to ease your stress in fast deliverance. A personal assistant you never know you needed at most.

This creation is formulated with essential oils and other natural ingredients made specifically to counter and release stress, tension, anxiety to headaches.


General use: Apply on the back of the ear and chest as soon as you feel any discomfort or tension and sit while breathing in-out. Realize you're in good hands now and we're fixing you. Apply on temples and forehead to ease your headache.

For stomach discomfort: such as stomach flatulence, bloating, or nausea, gently rub it on your stomach.

For fever: rub on the soles of the feet before bed and cover your feet with socks after for better effect

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