Segi Jewelry

Actinaria Necklace Light Blue - Segi Jewelry x HGL

Rp 224.900

Material   : Glass beads, lava stone, pearl, cat eye stone, stainless steel

Panjang   : 35 cm - 45 cm (pendek kalung - panjang kalung)

Color        : Light Blue, Purple, Green, Pink, Brown

Deskripsi :

- Glass beads Abon Turquise
- Bulat Tutul Galss Beads
- Krikil Glass Beads
- Cats Eye Stone
- Geblak Glass Beads
- Fresh Water Pearl
- Pengait dan rantai dari bahan Stainless Steel anti karat
- Kawat dari bahan Stainless Steel anti karat

Care        : 

1. Always protect your jewelry from scratches, perfume, lotion and other chemicals
2. Store your jewelry in a clean, dry space.
3. Be sure to remove before swimming
4. If you want to clean the jewelry, swipe with warm water and soft towel.
5. Avoid spraying perfume directly on jewelry.

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